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Ruth Muskrat Bronson
Songs of the Spavinaw

I am the river of Spavinaw,
I am the river of pain;
Sadness and gladness must answer my law;
Measure for measure I give, and withdraw
Back through the hills of the Spavinaw,
Hiding away from the plain.

I am the river of Spavinaw;
I sing the songs of the world;
Dashing and whirling, swishing and swirling,
Delicate, mystical, silvery spray hurling,
Sing I the songs of the world,
The passionate songs of the world.

I sing of laughter and mirth,
And I laugh in a gurgle of glee
As the myriad joys of the earth
Trip through the light with me.
Gay shallows dimple, sparkle and ripple.
Like songs that a lover would sing,
Skipping in moonlight,
Tripping in moonlight,
Whispering echoes of spring.
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A.A. Milne
The Alchemist

There lives an old man at the top of the street,
And the end of his beard reaches down to his feet,
And he's just the one person I'm longing to meet -
I think that he sounds so exciting;
For he talks all the day to his tortoiseshell cat,
And he asks about this and explains about that,
And at night he puts on a big wide-awake hat
And sits in the writing room, writing.

He has worked all his life (and he's terribly old)
At a wonderful spell which says 'Lo and behold!
Your nursery fender is gold!' - and it's gold!
Or the tongs, or the rod for the curtain);
But somehow he hasn't got hold of it quite,
Or the liquid you pour on it first isn't right,
So that's why he works on it, night after night
Till he knows he can do it for certain.

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Edwin Morgan

My shadow --
I woke to a wind swirling the curtains light and dark
and the birds twittering on the roofs, I lay cold
in the early light in my room high over London.
What fear was it that made the wind sound like a fire
so that I got up and looked out half-asleep
at the calm rows of street-lights fading far below?
Without fire
Only the wind blew.
But in the dream I woke from, you
came running through the traffic, tugging me, clinging
to my elbow, your eyes spoke
what I could not grasp --
Nothing, if you were here!

The wind of the early quiet
merges slowly now with a thousand rolling wheels.
The lights are out, the air is loud.
It is an ordinary January day.
My shadow, do you hear the streets?
Are you at my heels? Are you here?
And I throw back the sheets.

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Edwin Morgan
One Cigarette

No smoke without you, my fire.
After you left,
your cigarette glowed on in my ashtray
and sent up a long thread of such quiet grey
I smiled to wonder who would believe its signal
of so much love. One cigarette
in the non-smoker's tray.
As the last spire
trembles up, a sudden draught
blows it winding into my face.
Is it smell, is it taste?
You are here again, and I am drunk on your tobacco lips.
Out with the light.
Let the smoke lie back in the dark.
Till I hear the very ash
sigh down among the flowers of brass
I'll breathe, and long past midnight, your last kiss.

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Florence Ripley Mastin

My words are dust.
I who would build a star,
I who would touch the heel of the white sun;
Staggering up the inaccessible sky,
I look upon the dust.

The stainless clouds go mounting
In shining spires;
And a little heap of dust
Are my desires.

Yet, dwelling long upon these peaks
Unchained upon the flickering western sky,
I have beheld them at the breath of darkness
Fade slowly out and die.

What of my lineage?
Arrogant and swift,
I bend above the dust,
Untouched of all my grief,
Untarnished of the hour,
And lo! the leaf—
The passionate climbing flower!


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George Marion McClellan
A September Night

The full September moon sheds floods of light,
And all the bayou’s face is gemmed with stars,
Save where are dropped fantastic shadows down
From sycamores and moss-hung cypress trees.
With slumberous sound the waters half asleep
Creep on and on their way, ’twixt rankish reeds,
Through marsh and lowlands stretching to the Gulf.
Begirt with cotton fields, Anguilla sits
Half bird-like, dreaming on her Summer nest.
Amid her spreading figs and roses, still
In bloom with all their Spring and Summer hues,
Pomegranates hang with dapple cheeks full ripe,
And over all the town a dreamy haze
Drops down. The great plantations, stretching far
Away, are plains of cotton, downy white.
O, glorious is this night of joyous sounds;
Too full for sleep. Aromas wild and sweet,
From muscadine, late blooming jessamine,
And roses, all the heavy air suffuse.
Faint bellows from the alligators come
From swamps afar, where sluggish lagoons give
To them a peaceful home. The katydids
Make ceaseless cries. Ten thousand insects’ wings
Stir in the moonlight haze and joyous shouts
Of Negro song and mirth awake hard by
The cabin dance. O, glorious is this night!
The Summer sweetness fills my heart with songs,
I can not sing, with loves I can not speak.

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Czeslaw Milosz
Orpheus and Eurydice

Standing on flagstones of the sidewalk at the entrance to Hades
Orpheus hunched in a gust of wind
That tore at his coat, rolled past in waves of fog,
Tossed the leaves of the trees. The headlights of cars
Flared and dimmed in each succeeding wave.

He stopped at the glass-paneled door, uncertain
Whether he was strong enough for that ultimate trial.

He remembered her words: “You are a good man.”
He did not quite believe it. Lyric poets
Usually have – as he knew – cold hearts.
It is like a medical condition. Perfection in art
Is given in exchange for such an affliction.

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Claude McKay

Sometimes I tremble like a storm-swept flower,
And seek to hide my tortured soul from thee,
Bowing my head in deep humility
Before the silent thunder of thy power.
Sometimes I flee before thy blazing light,
As from the specter of pursuing death;
Intimidated lest thy mighty breath,
Windways, will sweep me into utter night.
For oh, I fear they will be swallowed up—
The loves which are to me of vital worth,
My passion and my pleasure in the earth—
And lost forever in thy magic cup!
I fear, I fear my truly human heart
Will perish on the altar-stone of art!

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Aline Murray Kilmer

I can never remake the thing I have destroyed;
I brushed the golden dust from the moth’s bright wing,
I called down wind to shatter the cherry-blossoms,
I did a terrible thing.

I feared that the cup might fall, so I flung it from me;
I feared that the bird might fly, so I set it free;
I feared that the dam might break, so I loosed the river:
May its waters cover me.

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Andrew Marvell
The Definition of Love

My Love is of a birth as rare
As ’tis for object strange and high:
It was begotten by despair
Upon Impossibility.

Magnanimous Despair alone
Could show me so divine a thing,
Where feeble Hope could ne’r have flown
But vainly flapt its Tinsel Wing.

And yet I quickly might arrive
Where my extended Soul is fixt,
But Fate does Iron wedges drive,
And alwaies crowds it self betwixt.

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Marianne Moore
Roses Only

You do not seem to realise that beauty is a liability rather than
an asset—that in view of the fact that spirit creates form we are
justified in supposing
that you must have brains. For you, a symbol of the unit, stiff and
conscious of surpassing by dint of native superiority and liking for
self-dependent, anything an

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Edna St. Vincent Millay

My heart is what it was before,
A house where people come and go;
But it is winter with your love,
The sashes are beset with snow.

I light the lamp and lay the cloth,
I blow the coals to blaze again;
But it is winter with your love,
The frost is thick upon the pane.

I know a winter when it comes:
The leaves are listless on the boughs;
I watched your love a little while,
And brought my plants into the house.

I water them and turn them south,
I snap the dead brown from the stem;
But it is winter with your love,—
I only tend and water them.

There was a time I stood and watched
The small, ill-natured sparrows’ fray;
I loved the beggar that I fed,
I cared for what he had to say,

I stood and watched him out of sight;
Today I reach around the door
And set a bowl upon the step;
My heart is what it was before,

But it is winter with your love;
I scatter crumbs upon the sill,
And close the window,—and the birds
May take or leave them, as they will.

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Eugenio Montale
Il Furore

Il furore è antico quanto l'uomo
ma credeva di avere un obiettivo.
Ora basta a se stesso. E un passo avanti
ma non e sufficiente. L'uomo deve
pure restando un bipede mutarsi
in un altro animale. Solo allora
sara come le belve a quattro zampe innocuo
se non sia aggredito. Ci vorra
un po' d'anni o millenni. È un batter d'occhio.

Эудженио Монтале

Ровесница царя природы — ярость.
Она нуждалась, ей казалось, в цели,
но стала самоцелью в наше время.
Неплохо для начала. Должен смертный,
двуногим оставаясь, превратиться
в другую тварь. И лишь тогда он будет,
как зверь четвероногий, неопасным, если только
не нападают на него. Пройдет лишь
немного лет или веков — мгновенье ока.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
Ho sparso di becchime il davanzale
per il concerto di domani all'alba.
Ho spento il lume e ho atteso il sonno.
E sulla passerella già comincia
la sfilata dei morti grandi e piccoli
che ho conosciuto in vita. Arduo distinguere
tra chi vorrei e non vorrei che fosse
tornato tra noi. Là dove stanno
sembrano inalterabili per un di più
di sublimata corruzione. Abbiamo
fatto del nostro meglio per peggiorare il mondo.

Эудженио Монтале
Я корм на подоконнике рассыпал
для завтрашнего раннего концерта,
свет погасил и жду, когда усну.
И вот уже я вижу: на помост
выходят тени тех — великих, малых, —
кого я знал при жизни. Выбираю
мучительно, кого бы я вернул
и не вернул сюда. Они все те же,
не изменились: наше разложенье
гораздо очевиднее. Мы сделали
все — лучше некуда, — чтобы ухудшить мир.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
La solitudine

Se mi allontano due giorni
i piccioni che beccano
sul davanzale
entrano in agitazione
secondo i loro obblighi corporativi.
Al mio ritorno l'ordine si rifà
con supplemento di briciole
e disappunto del merlo che fa la spola
tra il venerato dirimpettaio e me.
A cosi' poco è ridotta la mia famiglia.
E c'è chi ne ha una o due, che spreco, ahimè!

Эудженио Монтале

Стоит на пару дней отлучиться —
и голубей,
столующихся на подоконнике,
охватывает беспокойство:
так уж они устроены.
Вернувшись, я успокаиваю их
добавочной порцией крошек,
к досаде дрозда, снующего
между обожаемым визави и мной.
Да, поредела моя семья, что поделаешь.
А кому-то — подумать только — мало одной!

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
Il lago di Annecy

Non so perché il mio ricordo ti lega
al lago di Annecy
che visitai qualche anno prima della tua morte.
Ma allora non ti ricordai, ero giovane
e mi credevo padrone della mia sorte.
Perché può scattar fuori una memoria
così insabbiata non lo so; tu stessa
m’hai certo seppellito e non l’hai saputo.
Ora risorgi viva e non ci sei. Potevo
chiedere allora del tuo pensionato,
vedere uscirne le fanciulle in fila,
trovare un tuo pensiero di quando eri
viva e non l’ho pensato. Ora ch’è inutile
mi basta la fotografia del lago.

Эудженио Монтале
Озеро Аннеси

Для памяти ты почему-то связана
с озером Аннеси.
Я был там года за три до твоей смерти,
но о тебе тогда не вспомнил, я был молод
и думал, что моя судьба в моих руках.
Не знаю, как воспоминанья могут
всплыть из таких глубин. Да ты сама
не знала, что меня похоронила.
Теперь ты есть и нет тебя. Я мог
спросить тогда твой пансион, увидеть
стой девушек, найти обрывок мысли
твоей — ведь ты была еще жива,
а я не знал. И озеро на снимке
вечерним светом памяти пронизано.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
A quella che legge i giornali

Эудженио Монтале
Той, что читает газеты

То солнцу, то ветер с дождем,
все время такая погода.
За окнами мало шума,
не заливается кенар.
Ему принесли жену —
он не открывает клюва.
Кажется, будто время
в себе самом усомнилось.
Что делать, надо мужаться:
не доставили почту,
не вышли газеты,
столького нет другого
но много ли нужно, чтобы
застопорилось движенье.
Оно не остановилось,
но явно хромает. Вот что
важно: не суетиться,
ждать и не ликовать,
когда шестерня откажет.
Она закрутится снова,
смазанная чуть лучше
или чуть хуже, — лишь бы
не остаться без пальцев.
Только глубокие склепы,
только убежища нынче
ценятся, дорогая,
ты, что не слушаешь и не читаешь, ты,
что читаешь разве газеты.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale

Incespicare, incepparsi
è necessario
per destare la lingua
dal suo torpore.
Ma la balbuzie non basta
e se anche fa meno rumore
è guasta lei pure. Così
bisogna rassegnarsi
a un mezzo parlare. Una volta
qualcuno parlò per intero
e fu incomprensibile. Certo
credeva di essere l’ultimo
parlante. Invece è accaduto
che tutti ancora parlano
e il mondo
da allora è muto.

Эудженио Монтале

Запинаться, идти по пути
наибольшего сопротивления —
чтобы вывести язык из оцепенения.
Заикание — не выход
из положения, хотя от заик
и меньше шума. Поэтому
вполру разглагольствование свести
к полуразговору. Однажды
кто-то выговорился до конца
и остался непонятным. Бесспорно,
он считал себя последним
говорящим. А между тем
все по-прежнему разглагольствуют,
и мир
с тех пор безнадежно нем.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
Vedo un uccello fermo sulla grondaia,
può sembrare un piccione ma è più snello
e ha un po’ di ciuffo o forse è il vento,
chi può saperlo, i vetri sono chiusi.
Se lo vedi anche tu, quando ti svegliano
i fuoribordo, questo è tutto quanto
ci è dato di sapere sulla felicità.
Ha un prezzo troppo alto, non fa per noi e chi l’ha
non sa che farsene.

Эудженио Монтале
Я вижу птицу неподвижную на кровле,
похожую на голубя, но мельче
и с хохолком, а быть может, это ветер —
ответить трудно при закрытых окнах.
Когда и ты, проснувшись от моторок,
на ту же птицу смотришь, — это все,
что нам о счастье знать дано. Оно
с такой расплатою сопряжено,
что не про нашу честь, в то врем как счастливцы
не знают, что с ним делать.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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Eugenio Montale
Niente di grave

Forse l'estate ha finito di vivere.
Si sono fatte rare anche le cicale.
Sentirne ancora una che scricchia è un tuffo nel sangue.
La crosta del mondo si chiude, com'era prevedibile
se prelude a uno scoppio. Era improbabile
anche l'uomo, si afferma. Per la consolazione
di non so chi, lassù alla lotteria
è stato estratto il numero che non usciva mai.

Ma non ci sarà scoppio. Basta il peggio
che è infinito per natura mentre
il meglio dura poco. La sibilla trimurtica
esorcizza la Moira insufflando
vita nei nati-morti. È morto solo
chi pensa alle cicale. Se non se n'è avveduto
il torto è suo.

Эудженио Монтале
Ничего страшного

И это лето вроде на исходе.
Цикад и тех теперь услышишь редко,
а доведется хоть одну услышать — сердце млеет.
Земная скорлупа сжимается, оправдывая ожидания
на грани взрыва. Даже человек
был под сомненьем, утверждают. В утешение
невесть кому в небесной лотерее
был извлечен из барабана номер,
не выпадавший никогда.

Но взрыва все-таки не будет. Хватит худшего,
что по своей природе бесонечно,
чего нельзя сказать о лучшем. Тримуртийская сивилла
увещевает Мойру, жизнь взыхая
в мертворожденный. Умер только тот,
кто о цикажаъ думает, считая по инерции,
что все еще живет.

пер. Евг. Солонович

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