John Donne
Letters to Several Personages
To the Countess of Bedford, on New Year’s Day

This twilight of two years, not past, nor next,
Some emblem is of me, or I of this;
Who—meteor-like, of stuff and form perplex’d,
Whose what and where in disputation is—
If I should call me anything, should miss.

I sum the years, and me, and find me not
Debtor to th’ old, nor creditor to th’ new.
That cannot say, “My thanks I have forgot,”
Nor trust I this with hopes; and yet scarce true
This bravery is, since these times show’d me you.

In recompense I would show future times
What you were, and teach them to urge towards such.
Verse embalms virtue; and tombs, or thrones, of rhymes
Preserve frail transitory fame, as much
As spice doth bodies from corrupt airs’ touch.

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Джон Донн
Графине Бедфорд в день Нового Года

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пер. Шломо Крол (sentjao)

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